Driver Education

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We provide various educational course and information that will prepare you to pass the written RTO exam and road test to get Driving License. These course will teach you essential skills required for being a safe and responsible driver.

We have designed our courses in such a way that they are helpful for experienced drivers as well. They can help you refresh your knowledge on following topics.

  • Traffic laws and rules.
  • Understanding Road Signs.
  • Safe driving habits.
  • Dealing with difficult and emergency situations.

Our Driver's Education Courses will benefit all new and experienced drivers.



शब्द ज्ञान

धुनना (क्रिया)

अर्थ:- धुनकी की सहायता से रूई साफ़ करना।

उदाहरण:- गद्दा बनाने से पहले धुनिया रूई को अच्छी तरह से धुनता है।

पर्यायवाची:- धुनकना, पींजना