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To prepare for Driving License written test at RTO office, we have prepared several mock practice tests. Each practice test will present 15 questions randomly. On each attempt you may see slightly different questions with options in random sequence, so you may try same test multiple times to improve your skills.

While attempting practice tests you may navigate both in forward and backward directions. Once all questions have been answered then at the end you will see Finish button. On clicking finish button you will see the test result. There you will have an option to see the correct answers (solution) with detailed explanation and another option to retry the test.

These practice tests will not only help you to pass the Driving License written test but they will also make you a responsible driver.



शब्द ज्ञान

न्यायपीठ (संज्ञा)

अर्थ:- सरकारी न्यायालय के न्यायकर्ताओं का वह समूह जो किसी मुकदमे की सुनवाई करता है।

उदाहरण:- न्यायपीठ आज अपना फैसला सुनाने वाली हैं।

पर्यायवाची:- पीठ, बेंच, बेञ्च