Types of Roads in Bharat

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Bharat is a vast and developing country. A network of urban, semi-rural and rural roads connects the country thoroughly, and it’s easy to get lost in new places if you do not understand its roads and other basic conveyance related things. So in this guide, we will help you comprehend the types of roads and how to navigate them.

There are different types of roads in Bharat and they have a diverse classification based on several parameters. These include the functions performed by the road, the type of traffic they encounter and the kind of users that use that road. However, the physical features such as the width of the road, its geometric features and the authorized speeds depend on the function the roads perform.

Following are the different types of roads one encounters when in Bharat:

National Highways

As the name suggests, National Highways are the main highways that are run throughout the country and connect some of the important parts such as the tourist locations, industrial centers, significant ports, state capitals etc. Generally National Highways contain 2 - 4 lanes, in some cases they may have 6 lanes as well.


Simply put, highways that have access control, i.e. entry and exit control are termed as expressways. These are high-speed roads that vary from four lanes to six lanes. As these are reserved for use specifically by high-speed vehicles. One can travel long distances on these roads without stopping anywhere. The Government of Bharat plans to lay down a network of 18,637 kilometers of new expressways by the year 2020 which was recorded to be 1583 kilometers in the year 2013.

State Highways

The roads that connect important cities and towns within a state and also connect them with the national highways and the other neighboring highways are called State Highways. These are laid as well as maintained by the state government and are numbered. These roads help to make the important areas in a state more accessible.

District Roads

The key roads within a district, meant to connect production areas with the market and further connecting them with the National or the State Highways are called District roads. They are maintained by the Zila Parishad.

Arterial Roads

Arterial roads are designed for mobility of a higher level of traffic. Generally major roads in large cities are classified as Arterial Roads e.g. Ring Road in Delhi. These are on streets meant for a continuous route.

Sub-Arterial Roads

Arterial roads are similar to the sub-arterial roads in every aspect with the only difference that they are meant for much less traffic.

Collector / Distributor Roads

The collector roads are often also known as the Distributor roads. Their basic function is to collect / distribute the traffic to / from the access streets to the arterial as well as the sub-arterial roads. These roads provide neighbourhoods access to major roads.

Local Streets

These are the Local Streets inside neighbourhoods. offer access to the neighboring property. These are the first roads outside our homes and are designed for low speed and volume traffic.

Rural Roads

The Rural Roads share a substantial part of the Bharat road network which close to 70% of the total roads in the country. These are used to connect different villages to nearby cities, villages or other bigger roads. in 21st century central government has put a major emphasis on developing Rural Roads to improve connectivity.

How to navigate roads in Bharat?

While Bharat is certainly developing and getting smarter with Express Highways, navigating its roads remains the biggest challenge for the commuters. We have a few tips:

  • Use navigation apps to find the best route for your destination. Some of the popular ones for urban roads are Google maps, Waze, and Map My India. Apart from the routes, these apps will provide your real time information about a number of things such as traffic, police crashes, and any kind of road blockages etc.
  • When using the apps, ensure you use the ones that can be used in the offline mode as well.

People in Bharat are very friendly and helpful. You can always ask people around for help to find the destination. They can guide you with the directions and also the best possible route.

Special Cautions to be taken by commuters

Now that you are aware of the different types of roads in Bharat (India) and how you can navigate them, also take note of a few things that can keep you safe on these roads and make driving a pleasure:

  • Abide by the speed limit.
  • Stay alert and pay attention to what’s happening on the road.
  • Always wear your seat belt / helmet.
  • Avoid driving when you are unwell or stressed. Do not ever drink and drive.
  • Be aware of the blind spots.
  • Expect animals such as cows and Dogs right in the middle of the road.



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