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e-challanTraffic Police controls and regulates the traffic on roads of Bharat for smooth operation of transport services. They keep a watch on traffic to spot any kind of trouble and take necessary action to prevent mishaps or clear the road. For breaking a rule or posing a danger for people, traffic police may issue challan to violators.

With advent of internet and connected devices the way challans are issued has changed. Slowly and gradually traffic police is moving towards issuing e-Challan for traffic violations. In earlier system challans were isolated but with e-challans all traffic violations are recorded in centralised system. In near future it will lead to cancellation of driving licenses of frequent violators.

What is an e-Challan and Who can issue it?

e-challan is nothing but a warrant issued to a vehicle driver, who has violated a traffic rule, by using an electronic device. It may be issued by a traffic police personnel through handheld device or by CCTV enabled “Electronic Challan System”. Information about e-challan is recorded in centralized system that has countrywide records. e-challan will contain basic information about vehicle, driver, place of violation, type of violation and instructions about next steps to be taken by the driver or vehicle owner.

This challan can be issued by a traffic police personnel, in compliance with the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The highway police personnel are also considered to be traffic police in this matter, who patrol on highways and may intercept traffic rule violators to issue the challan. They carry devices having e-Challan app, which is integrated with Sarathi and Vahan portals. This enables the process of issuing e-challan centralized and transparent.

Note that sometimes, the vehicle can also be confiscated temporarily for violating traffic rules.

Verifying and Paying an e-Challan

e-challan detailsFor e-Challan all the steps from the issue of e-Challan, to verification to final fulfillment can be completed online, with the help of computer and internet. You are notified of an e-challan mostly via an SMS, that carries the date and time of the incident when the traffic law was violated. To verify the e-Challan visit e-challan website and provide information as mentioned in following image.

You may pay fine online by using debit / card cards or net banking etc. Several e-wallet companies also provide facility to pay fines for e-challan by using their services.

Citizen Rights During an e-Challan

Your rights on receiving an e-challan remain same as in case of traditional challan, they are described on Traffic Challan page.

Dispute an e-Challan

If you think that e-challan has been issued incorrectly or you have not violated any law then you can dispute the challan. For disputing the challan contact the court mentioned in the challan to submit requirement proofs and documents to prove innocence. Remember to either dispute the challan or pay the fine within 30 days from the receipt otherwise you are liable to receive summons from the court.



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