Informative Road Signs

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Informative Road Signs (traffic signs) tell us about available services on road or next to road. Also they provide information related to places that are along road or coming up next, sometime along with their distance from current place.

Informative signs are of rectangular shape. They have white and / or black colour text of shape on blue background.

Prominent Informative Road Signs are listed here along with their brief explanation.

Petrol Pump

Petrol Pump road signThere is a petrol pump ahead. If you running low on fuel then you may get fuel tank filled here.

Telephone Booth

Telephone Booth road signThere is a public Telephone Booth ahead. That can be used to make emergency calls.

Bus Stop

Bus Stop road signThere is a Bus Stop ahead. Next or below to this sign there might be additional information available about the routes for that one can get a bus here.

First Aid

First Aid road signThere is a dispensary ahead, which can provide first aid services. If you have a need then stop by to get first aid services.


Hospital road signThere is a hospital next to road and that has capability to hospitalise people and take care of them in case of emergencies.

Tea and Snacks

Tea and Snacks road signRoadside shops are available to provide light refreshment like tea and snacks.


Food road signRoadside dhabas (restaurants) are available to provide food. They might be able to serve full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.


Parking road signA Parking lot is available nearby or parking is allowed on the sides of the road. There could be another sign below this sign that tells about what vehicles are allowed to park.

Dead End

Dead End road signThe road in the direction of red mark on the sign will end shortly. If you are moving in that direction then take detour to keep going in that direction.

Pedestrian Route

Pedestrian Route road signThis sign tells us the direction where pedestrians are allowed to walk. In all other directions it may not be safe to walk.

Cycle Route

Cycle Route road signThis sign tells us the direction where cyclists are allowed. In all other directions it may not be safe to ride cycle.

The description of informative road signs posted along Indian roads is available in Telugu, Marathi and Hindi languages as well. You may choose the desired language from drop-down available at the top of page to see it in another language.



शब्द ज्ञान

फोर्थ (संज्ञा)

अर्थ:- चौथा गियर या वह गियर जो गियर बॉक्स में चौथे स्थान पर होता है।

उदाहरण:- इस कार का चौथा गियर काम नहीं कर रहा है। कार को चौथे गियर में डाल दो।

पर्यायवाची:- 4था, चौथा, चौथा गियर, चौथा गेयर, फोर्थ गियर, फोर्थ गेयर, ४था