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Every vehicle that runs on the roads of Bharat has to be registered with RTO. Vehicle registration process is fairly simple and taken care of by dealer on buying a new vehicle. On buying a used vehicle, we have to get the registration transferred.

On registration, RTO will assign next running number from their inventory. However, many-a-times, we might like to have a special number for our vehicle, say for example "0007". These are also popularly called VIP or fancy numbers. The process for getting a special number in Bharat is different from obtaining regular number.


Process to get VIP Number

For special numbers, one has to usually go for a bidding process which involves auction via the RTO. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways provides many services, including special number, through Vahan portal across all states of Bharat. Below is the process to get a special number plate for your vehicle.

  1. Register online at fancy website as new public user interested in getting a fancy number.
  2. Under the State tab, you can choose your state, and the portal would show all states where the auction for fancy numbers would be open at that time.
  3. Activate your account.
  4. You will be asked to enter your vehicle details during this activation.
  5. If you own more than one vehicle for which you want a fancy number, then register multiple times separately for each one.
  6. You will have to choose among various categories of reserved numbers, which will have different base prices.
  7. Base price is the minimum price or the baseline amount from which the bidding starts.
  8. Two types of fees will be involved, the base bidding price and the registration amount, which you have to pay. The former is refundable while the latter is not.
  9. Bidding is done online on the allotted days and time.
  10. You can bid for a maximum number of 10 vehicles at a time, although this may sometimes vary from state to state.
  11. Results are then declared online. You can check the status and result at:-
  12. If you are lucky to win the auction, then submit the proofs to the RTO and get your fancy number.

Before participating in the process, check the list of available numbers here.


State Specific Process

Even if your state doesn't participate in online auction then you can visit local RTO. There you will find list of available VIP numbers that can be allotted for a nominal fee. If there are more people who want that number, then a local level auction will be arranged by the RTO before allotting the VIP number.

Further information about state / RTO specific auction notifications can be found at state transport portal for your own state. You will be ale to find the auction notifications here as well most of the times.



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अर्थ:- कपास के खेत में रूई एकत्रित करने वाला मजदूर।

उदाहरण:- पैहरा रूई एकत्र कर रहा है।

पर्यायवाची:- पैकर, पैहरा