Vehicle Registration Transfer

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When we buy a new vehicle, the dealer registers the vehicle with RTO on our behalf and gives us Registration Certificate (RC). But when we buy a used vehicle, we have to get the registration transfer done by our self. Then there are several other circumstances in which, we must have to get the vehicle registration transferred. We will elaborate more on the process of vehicle Registration Transfer in Bharat in following sections.

When registration transfer is mandatory?

  • Buying/Selling: when you buy or sell an old vehicle then registration transfer is mandatory.
  • Change in residential address: when vehicle owner changes his residence then new address must be reflected in vehicle registration record.
  • Owner’s death: in case of vehicle owner’s death registration must be transferred to legal heir.
  • Number for a vehicle registered in other state: as per law a vehicle registered anywhere in Bharat can be driven in any state. But if you want a state's number for a vehicle that is registered in another state then you have to get the registration transferred.
  • Use old vehicle’s number: If you are buying a new vehicle but want to use number from old vehicle then registration has to be transferred to new vehicle. For this kind of transfer old vehicle must be registered in same state for at least 3 years and ownership details of new and old vehicle must be exactly same.

Can I transfer vehicle registration online?

Facility of Vehicle Registration Transfer is available online in entire Bharat. It is available at the Vahan website operated by ‘Government of India’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’. One doesn’t need to visit RTO office in this online process. However, there are some situations in which visiting RTO is necessary –

  • Signatures made in registration documents are different from each other.
  • Documents are not complete.
  • RTO officers are suspicious.

What is the process of online vehicle registration transfer?

You need to follow below steps to transfer vehicle registration online.

  1. Visit the Vahan website.
  2. Click on Online Services menu.
  3. Select Vehicle Related Services.
  4. Click on the link for your state.
  5. Fill in your vehicle registration number.
  6. Click on Proceed button.
  7. Click on Basic Services.
  8. Fill in your vehicle’s engine chassis no.
  9. Enter your mobile number.
  10. Generate OTP
  11. Fill the OTP in relevant field.
  12. Click on Show Details.
  13. Choose desired service.
  14. Fill relevant information on the next page.
  15. Upload all of required vehicle related documents to the website. If you upload all required documents, then there is no need to go to RTO office.
  16. Select a convenient payment method from Payment Gateway.
  17. Click on Continue.
  18. Make online payment of desired amount.
  19. If payment is successful, then you would receive a receipt. Print the receipt for future reference. If payment has failed, then you have to repeat the process.
  20. In case of payment acceptance, you will see payment confirmation information.
  21. Next payment receipt page will come.
  22. Click on Print Fees Receipt and take a printout.
  23. Keep payment receipt safe.
  24. If you have not uploaded all required documents, then you can send them via ‘Speed Post’ or go to the nearest RTO and place it in the box designated for registration transfer.

You can download all relevant forms from Parivahan Website. List of requirement documents for vehicle registration transfer in various scenario has been given in following sections.

What are the documents required for vehicle registration transfer?

When transferring vehicle registration from one owner to another several documents are required. List of required documents varies according to the reason of registration transfer. In following sections we will discuss about these reasons and the required documents.

In case of sale / purchase

In case of sale/purchase of a used vehicle registration can be transferred from same RTO where vehicle was originally registered.

  • 2 fully filled copies of Form 29 and one of them should be certified.
  • 2 fully filled copies of Form 30.
  • Original Registration Certificate (RC).
  • Copy of valid insurance
  • Proof of purchase.
  • Proof of buyer’s residential address.
  • Copy of valid pollution under control certificate.
  • Fee of Rs. 500.
  • Certified copy of PAN card or one of Form 60 and Form 61 (whichever is applicable).

Change in residential address of the owner

When residential address of vehicle owner changes then it should be updated in Registration Certificate (RC). Though in this case vehicle ownership does not change, just address gets updated. Here is the list of documents required to update address in RC.

  • Form 33.
  • Original registration certificate.
  • Copy of valid vehicle insurance.
  • Proof of owner’s new residence address.
  • Copy of valid pollution under control certificate.
  • If there is a loan on vehicle, then a “no objection certificate” is required from the concerned financial institution.
  • Fee of Rs. 500
  • Certified copy of PAN card or one of Form 60 and Form 61 (whichever is applicable).

In case of Vehicle owner’s death

In this situation, the applicant could either be the first successor of the previous owner or whoever has been given the right to the vehicle.

  • 2 copies of Form 30 and 31. If vehicle is on hire purchase or has an outstanding loan then in that case a NOC from financial institution is also required.
  • Certificate of Form 20.
  • Original registration certificate.
  • Copy of valid vehicle insurance.
  • Proof of owner’s residence address.
  • Original owner’s death certificate.
  • Proof of being successor of the vehicle owner.
  • Affidavit submitted by the applicant in which other valid heirs give up their right.
  • Copy of valid pollution control certificate.
  • Certified copy of PAN card or one of Form 60 and Form 61 (whichever is applicable).

Registering a vehicle into another state

When you migrate to another state and take your vehicle there then vehicle has to be registered in your new home state. For registering a vehicle, which is already registered in one state, in another state you have to get "no objection certificate" from previous state on Form 28. Other than that, following documents are also required for this activity:

  • Application on Form 28.
  • Certified copy of original Registration Certificate.
  • Full history of vehicle road tax along with proof of latest road tax payment.
  • Certified copy of valid pollution control certificate.
  • Certified copy of valid insurance.

How to know which RTO one must go to: The first two letters of the Vehicle Number signify the state (ex. For Delhi it’s DL). The next 2 digits tell us about the RTO office. For example, 04 is for Janakpuri RTO. You can get more information from the RTO website.



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