Get duplicate for a lost Driving License

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Do you need duplicate for a lost Driving License? Is your Driving License lost or mutilated? Here you will get all the information about what to do when Driving License is lost or mutilated. You will also get step-by-step guide for getting replacement for a lost Driving License.

Following conditions mandate the replacement or seeking a duplicate Driving License:

  • Loss or theft.
  • Validity expired.
  • Completely defaced, torn, or mutilated.
  • Text is not legible.


Always keep a copy of the Driving License

It is important to keep a copy of all valuable / useful documents. However, in case you haven’t kept a copy of the driving license, you must do it on priority! This copy will help you in knowing the number of Driving License, which needs a replacement that will make the process easy.


Keep an electronic copy in Government of India's DigiLocker App

Keeping an electronic copy of Driving License (DL) and Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle negates the necessity of carrying a physical copy. You can register yourself and get the DigiLocker App here. However, the app is currently available for the Android phones only. We strongly suggest availing this facility as this relieves us from the hassles of carrying the physical copy and risking a theft or losing it.


Lodge an FIR/ NCR in case of a loss of the Driving License

Lodging an FIR/ NCR (Non Cognizable report) for a lost driving license is mandatory on three counts:

  • While applying for a duplicate or replacement license you would be required to attach the copy of the FIR/ NCR as a supporting document.
  • Secondly, it safeguards us against any misuse by miscreants. Considering the rampant cases of identity thefts we surely do not want that to happen.
  • Thirdly, the FIR/ NCR can be used while driving in lieu of your lost driving license. The traffic law permits a grace period of one month to drive using the FIR.

You may lodge a ‘Lost Article’ report online on Delhi Police website in case the Driving License was lost within the administrative boundaries of Delhi. This service is available to everyone who is within the boundaries of Delhi, whether you are a domicile of Delhi, Indian Citizen, NRI, or, a Foreigner in Delhi. Find out if police of your state / city also provides similar facility as that will make lodging FIR / NCR convenient.

Upon registering the complaint, a digitally signed 'lost report' (LR) would be forwarded to the provided mobile number and e-mail ID along with a unique 'lost report number' (LR number). The LR number may be used for future retrieval of the report if the need arises.

However, a visit to the nearest police station, having jurisdiction over the area in question, is mandatory when license is lost at a place of crime when you either involved in that or a witness of that.

However, while traveling abroad in case of loss of our DL, we must remember to lodge a loss report at the nearest police station as per the applicable laws. And always keep a copy handy.


Get a notarized Affidavit

Along with the FIR/ NCR, a notarized affidavit would also be required as a part of the supporting documents for the duplicate DL application. Procure a ₹10 non-judicial stamp paper and make an affidavit using this form. Thereafter, get the affidavit notarized from a Public Notary. For the loss of our license, the affidavit acts as our proof that we have undergone an oath in front of the concerned officer (first class Judicial Magistrate/ Public Notary/ Executive Magistrate).


Applying for a duplicate Driving License

For the application, you would have to visit the RTO that issued the original Driving License. Because only the original issuing RTO can issue a duplicate license.

You may get the application form from the RTO. In terms of documentation following would be required for completing the application:

  • LLD Application Form. This form requires declaring the reason for requesting a duplicate DL. Moreover, a declaration that the Driving License was not impounded by any authority also needs to be furnished.
  • FIR/ NCR clearly mentioning the number of the lost Driving License.
  • Six passport size photographs.
  • Form No 1.
  • Self-Attested copy for the valid address Proof.
  • Prescribed fee of ₹400.
  • For the transport or commercial vehicles, Traffic Police’s Challan clearance report is also required.

Once the completed application form is submitted, remember to collect the submission receipt. This receipt acts as your driving permit in lieu of your driving license. The driving license would be delivered by post to your registered address via post.



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