Link Driving License With Aadhar

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Aadhar is slowly penetrating into each and every aspect of our identity. From buying a mobile sim card to getting an office space, from registering your child in school, to opening a bank account, everything needs an Aadhar number to be linked to.

Is it mandatory to link Aadhar with Driving License?

No, it is not mandatory to link Aadhar with Driving License. Although this is not mandatory as of now, but it may become mandatory in near future. The government feels that this will lead to removing any duplication of Driving Licenses. Most of the new applicants for new Driving Licenses, submit Aadhar Card either as proof of address of proof of identity. That way Aadhar gets linked automatically with new Driving Licenses.

There is a generic guideline to states to begin linking old Driving Licenses with Aadhar.

How to Link Driving License to Aadhar?

Driving License To Aadhar LinkingThe process of linking Driving License to Aadhar, which is also called Aadhar seeding is explained here.

  • Go to website of your state's transport department.
  • Find the URL for linking the Aadhar and click on that.
  • Provide your Driving License number along with other information like date of birth, issuing RTO etc. and click on Submit or Get Details button as shown in the image.
    • Note:- The Aadhar linking form may vary from one state to another.
  • If Driving License number is correct then information about that will be shown on the screen.
  • Then you can fill in your 12-digit Aadhar number proceed to verification. Generally, verification happens via OTP, which will be sent to your linked mobile phone.
  • Once online verification is done then your Driving License will be linked to Aadhar after sometime.

Generally linking process gets completed within few days. You may check the status of the linking request later to ascertain whether linking has been done successfully or not.

Where to Link Driving License to Aadhar?

As of now only few states have online facility of linking Driving License with Aadhar. Eventually this service will be available for all states. Links to the state transport department's website, where linking facility is available, are provided below.

Andhra Pradesh

Further Information

For new Driving Licenses where Aadhar was used as identity card this linking is not required.

If you have more than one Driving License then keep just one and surrender others. As having multiple Driving License is illegal and linking to Aadhar will expose the willful duplicate Driving Licenses.

Have your mobile number connected to Aadhar with you as it may be required for verification via OTP.



शब्द ज्ञान

शंका निवारण (संज्ञा)

अर्थ:- किसी की उठाई हुई शंका का निराकरण या समाधान ताकि जिज्ञासु को संतोष हो जाय।

उदाहरण:- उसने गायत्री विषयक शंका निवारण हेतु परमपूज्य आचार्य श्री राम शर्मा से बात की थी।

पर्यायवाची:- शंका निराकरण, शंका समाधान, शंका-निराकरण, शंका-निवारण, शंका-समाधान