Driving License for Teen Drivers

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The sheer imagination of being able to drive your own vehicle at teenage is titillating. But driving any vehicle is more of a responsibility than anything else; as a small mishap can lead to severe consequences. Thus, the rules and regulations for Teenage Vehicle Driving are set out differently than adults.

To inform you better about the requisites and implications, we’ve provided you the most updated Teenage Driving License related information below.


Driving License Options for Teenager

  • Below 16 years – Ineligible for Driver’s License
  • 16 – 18 years – Learner’s Driving License (with consent of parents)
  • 18 – 20 years – Permanent Driver’s License (only for private passenger vehicles)
  • Above 20 years – Permanent Driver’s License for all types of vehicles


Vehicle Driving Eligibility by Age

  • 16 – 18 years – Two wheelers of up to 50CC engine capacity
  • 18 – 20 years – All types of private passenger vehicles
  • Above 20 years – All types of vehicles


Tests and Application Process

Applicants have to clear written test (online/offline) for a Learners’ License. Get a copy of Road signals, rules and regulations from the regional RTO office and acquaint yourself well with the requisite driving rules.

The verified and updated information of Road Signs is available here. For a Permanent Driving License though, one would need to clear a Driving Test as well. It is advised that one should apply for a Permanent License only after, appropriate driving practice/training for the dedicated vehicle category.

Detailed instructions for Teenage License Application procedure are available here.


Important Points to Remember

Pay special attention to following points while applying for teenage Driving License.

  • Ask for the “Learner’s License Test Information Document”, if your dedicated RTO has one; it’ll help you to reconfirm the specifics which will be tested.
  • Pay the fee for online test if you’ve opted for the same. The fee submitted at the time of online slot registration doesn’t covers the exam fee (which is to be paid only if you show up for the examination).
  • Do not forget to carry all original documents, copies and slot booking receipt to the venue.
  • Do not forget to have your parents sign the form 1 or 1A for their consent, to get a Learner’s License.
  • Only a Government Medical Officer, can attest your Form 1A (sarthi applicants) or the requisite Medical Certification form no. (for offline applicants).



शब्द ज्ञान

विलाप करना (क्रिया)

अर्थ:- शोक आदि के समय रोकर दुख प्रकट करना।

उदाहरण:- अपने पति की मृत्यु का समाचार सुनकर वह विलाप कर रही है।

पर्यायवाची:- कलपना, बिलखना, रोना-धोना, विलापना